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 Hello, and Welcome to our clinic! Whether you're a new pet parent, new to the area, or just looking for a veterinarian for your pet, you've come to the right place. Our team of devoted veterinarians, technicians, assistants and customer care specialists are here to provide outstanding care for your pets. At Dale Veterinary Clinic your pets health is our priority.

1. If you are interested in setting up an appointment please fill out our New Client From and send it in. We typically respond within 48 hours. If your pet needs to be seen urgently please call our clinic to speak to a customer care specialist in person.

We will always do our best to see your pet as quickly as possible, however sometimes we may not be able to meet your timeline requirements. We are often booking 2-3 weeks out for non-emergency appointments, which includes routine surgeries and vaccine appointments. We do keep appointments available for emergencies. 

If you know you are getting a new puppy or kitten in the near future, please contact us ahead of time. We are happy to book you in for your new pets health check prior to your pet coming home. Waiting until your new pet is home may make it not possible for us to see them within your contracts time frame.

2. To establish your pet as a patient at our clinic we must do a physical examination on him/her. This is what meet the requirement for a VCPR (Veterinarian & Client-Patient Relationship) as set out by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario. Once we have established this relationship we are able to treat and prescribe medication for your pet. Being a client does not mean that all of your pets are automatically patients of ours, and we do need to so a physical examination on each pet that you want treated or prescribed medication for.

If you would like more information on the VCPR requirement please check out The College of Veterinarians of Ontario

3. If a previous clients VCPR has lapsed by 2 or more years, we will go through the new client process. 

4. We must have a VCPR with each pet in your household to provide flea and tick medication for them. Yes, we are aware this is an unpopular policy, however it is a prescription medication and we have to follow the guidelines set by the CVO. 
While it does not have the highest efficacy  compared to prescription flea and tick preventatives, you do have the option of purchasing Advantage or Advantix from local pet stores. This option is better than no protection.


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